Character Tracker

Technical Goal:

My JavaScript focus has been on frameworks for a good while now. Before I dive into the land of ES6 and React, I felt like I needed to back up and spend some time with pure JavaScript. This little application has no frameworks, helpers, or templates. Just pre-ES6 vanilla java Script. I was trying to remember the last time I worked like this, and I'm not sure I ever have!

The only thing I really missed while working on this was a templater. Building up the lists in pure JS was a bit of a pain..but hey.. the only thing that I am loading other than my JavaScript and CSS is a font!

Project Overview:

I was looking for a fun project with some technical complexity to it, that I couldn't get anywhere else and would actually use.

I play Dungeons and Dragons maybe 18 times in a year. My character's abilities shifts from time to time to keep up with current D&D rules. I don't play often enough that rule changes really sink in, and I tend to forget a bunch of what my character can do. Also with weeks or months between game sessions I do not always track the state I left my character sheet effectively. What is my character's health? What powers have I used up? Am I poisoned or cursed or do I have a protection spell cast on me?

There are some software tools to help create and level up a D&D character, but not much in the way of this kind of tracking type tool.


Character Tracker Demo
Character Tracker Source in BitBucket